SPAM aus Taiwan

Folgenden SPAM-Kommentar hätte Akismet beinahe gekillt. Dabei ist er doch so schön:

Buy cheep funeral flower compositions. You do have a dead body in your familiy? First of all feel our warmest congratulations and withhavings. Have you ever think about the funeral arrangements? No? So we will give you a helping hand. Feel lucky! We offer a wide variety of funeral flower arrangements for you, for your family and for your dead body.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will send you our current catalogue of funeral flower arrangements via email so you can choose. Our flowers are dilvered within 24 hours of time by plane.
The arrangements are very cheep and start at only 600 U.S.$

Ist doch auch mal nett, oder? Und so billig!

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